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I know, this will be a lot to read, but I want to give you a bit of a backstory to the comic before reading it.
If you don't want to read it and find it out in the comic yourself, go ahead. I'll put it in both the comic and my journal (Obviously, the journal will be a lot more descriptive). If you don't see any character descriptions, that is because I haven't gotten that far into the story to introduce them. This is not completed yet, and I will add on to this once I have the idea for the characters, because if you read this, they are pretty cliche. Anyways, enjoy~

Relay, the world all of these characters live in, is a later created planet from Earth, and they are currently in a strange combination of medieval and modern life, due to the people from Earth coming to check Relay out and changing way too many things. Lots of citizens born on Relay believe the Earth people, or as they refer to them as Eartheans (Earth Heathens), are overflowing Relay with their technology and will just want to create a clone of Earth. Relay is much more open than Earth, and has a ton more trees and open land to explore. Though when there’s more open land, the more other planets begin to believe this world is able to be taken over. The Relay World Government like to call themselves “the RWG”, as they represent their world. The only way to get into their headquarters is through a teleportation device. When the Invasion happened, The RWG did not take note or even acknowledge it. Instead, they watched millions of us burn in the hell the monsters created for us. Now, the towns and kingdoms work on their own. Some of them even attempt to tame the monsters, but most are cut short by death.

Nobody has seen the RWG since the Invasion. They helped no one
Now? Relay is full of maniacs and goons who believe they can do anything they want due to no government.

Here are the characters I will be using:

Servo - Female

Servo is a short 5’-ish scavenger with teal eyes and dark brown hair. She usually wears a stealth suit that folds over her mouth with a sweater on top of it. (She receives a slightly different colored hoodie later on that she will use instead) She enjoys indoor or secluded areas that are to herself, and believes a lie hurts more than the truth, though she sometimes is forced to lie in some cases, and immediately messes up or stutters when she attempts to. She has no powers, but studies alchemy and basic illusion / hypnosis tricks. Whenever she is in a group, she is usually the one that is the “resource collector” for when the others are preparing for a fight. She doesn’t ever like fighting because it frightens her to believe she is killing someone in the process. She hates watching people get hurt so she stays behind where it is safe, and promises to herself to use her skills for good. She usually is quiet and doesn’t ever have much to say, and likes to keep to herself. She is an introvert, but she is happy on the inside [She’s not completely emotionless, but she gets mistaken for being ‘sad’ or ‘depressed’]. She’s sometimes short tempered and can say what she thinks, as well as being emotional if someone is hurt or killed. Obviously, this is not often for her to speak her mind or even speak. [Overtime, her older sister, Cyber, sees a different side of the world and views it as a helpless and vulnerable world, so she begins to turn against her friends and family. She kills her own parents after believing they are soft and domestic, and scraped out Servo’s left eye when she came home from scavenging. Cyber abandoned Servo and began to live with people who think the same way as her, and they quickly became known as The Ferals.]
Servo is currently 17 years old who had a former dream of becoming a guard in her hometown “Kaverton”, but they rejected her for being too weak and scrawny. She abandoned them to become a scavenger who belonged to no town, city, or kingdom. There are few of these still around since the Invasion, but she believes that the people are overestimating them. She has encountered a few of the monsters but tries to avoid them and flee before resulting to fighting.
You can separate the loners by two groups: Rogue or Scavver. Servo is both, in this case. She goes by Scavver, though, so she doesn’t seem like a killer or traitor, as Rogues usually are.

Cyber - Female

Contrary to the similarity to Cyber’s and Servo’s name, Cyber is actually the exact opposite of Servo. She’s cold-hearted, always looking for a good fight, and loves to lie. She enjoys the outdoors and nature. She currently has her hair a pale dirty-blond that is super long with uneven ends {Later on in the series, she has shortly cut hair and streaks of red, orange, and yellow.} and has orange eyes. She had (and still does have) no remorse or guilt that struck upon her after her own attempted and the major injury to Servo’s eye. She’s a Rogue, and hates Scavvers and how weak and frail they are, and how they hide in the shadows just to ‘stay safe’. She lives on the edge, and likes to fight in the open. When she’s obviously winning, she likes to kill her enemies brutally and slowly for her own enjoyment. A quick kill is her praising her enemy for having skill to take on her experience with fighting. The orange in her eyes indicate how wild and feral she is, but her enemies mistake her for a small little child with no experience at all.
Cyber is the same age as Servo- 17 years old. She has (yes, has) a dream of ruling the world of Relay. She originally wanted Servo to be alongside her to rule with her, but she saw how weak and stupid she was. To put it simply, Cyber is an arrogant and ambitious person. She kills all the monsters that are involved in the Invasion, believing they only a minor distraction during her journeys. The Ferals are a large group, who think that Relay can easily be taken over. They like to scare travelers or scavvers, especially young ones, threatening things like “I’m gonna get you, and your family!”. Cyber is their unofficial leader, and encourages the newbies to kill when it’s not necessary, for their own enjoyment. She carries a katana with purple flames wrapping around it. She could use this power for good if she wanted to, but decides that good is too easy for her. She uses fire breathing abilities and transfers the purple flames from her katana to her hand, where she is able to use pyrokinesis.

Wayford - Male

Named after his great grandfather's birthplace, Wayford is a tall 6’ newbie of Cyber’s Feral group. He did not want to join the Ferals, but instead he was forced to. His parents are extremely poor and live on the streets, and he heard that whoever is in the Ferals gets a decent amount of money. He joined not knowing what would happen to him, and received a terrible reputation for his weak bones and battle strategies. He decided to leave, but was dragged back due to the Ferals thinking he would expose their camp to the public. Cyber threatened him face to face saying if he leaves he will be hunted and killed.
Wayford originally had a job as a baker, but after the Ferals incident he was gone for a total of 7 weeks, which then got him fired for absence in his duties. He usually wears a happy-faced mask so he can hide himself from Cyber and the others. He has black hair with purple eyes, and usually is wearing a black trench coat with a purple shirt behind it. He is very shy, and usually is told to stay back at the Feral camp because he's too weak and scrawny. The older (and higher ranked, may I add) members taunt him and usually beat him up for this, sometimes with Cyber watching and not doing anything about it.
Wayford does not carry a weapon in the beginning, but Cyber gives him a pistol and a dagger later on. He has telekinesis powers, along with levitation.


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